With the launch of Denon's 3808 receiver, Denon provided home enthusiasts with access to most of it's features from a PC via a network connection. Deamon 3808 is a Windows based graphic user interface to Denon's 3808 receiver. This project is currently in early Beta stage of development and available to anyone who is willing to help with feedback and suggestions.

Current Supported Features:

  • No Network setup required. Deamon 3808 auto detects Denon 3808 on most networks.
  • Network Setup option to Specify IP address (New in ver
  • Master Volume.
  • Source Selection and custom name detection.
  • Surround Mode selection and detection
  • Mute On/Off
  • Restorer Off/3 Levels
  • Night Mode Off/3 Levels

Coming Features:

  • Advanced Internet Radio/Media Streaming Playback
  • Surround Parameter Setup
  • Adv. Chanel Volume Level display and tweaking
  • Zone 2/3 Control

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